Aspropotamos is an area in the prefecture of Trikala that stands out for its natural wealth. It is part of the European Nature Network 2000 – Natura, and has beautiful forests, meadows and rivers. More specifically, Aspropotamos is also called the upper part of Acheloos, the sources of the river. In these places ideal activities are river descent and hiking.


In the area of ​​Aspropotamos, two routes are offered for hiking. One has as its starting point the traditional village of Haliki and as ending point the springs of Acheloos. On this route you will follow the vlachostrata  to the Rona’s  forest. The route is tributaries from the springs of Rona to those of Acheloos, which we will meet after the bridge of Philos. Along the way you can find traces of a brown bear.

Another route with a strong and cool end is the one that starts from the village of Agia Paraskevi and next to the river of the same name, we pass one of the rare forests of Itamos to reach through the fir forest to the imposing waterfall named “Mantani tou demonas”, an impressive natural phenomenon 15 meters high.


Rafting is a team sport down a river with an inflatable boat. The crew consists of a professional river guide and 6-12 rowers, depending on the size of the boat which is determined by the degree of difficulty of the river and the amount of water. It is the most popular outdoor, activity because it combines the wonderful untouched natural environment with the feeling of adrenaline and adventure.

Ping pong

At Mantania Tower, you also have the opportunity to have fun playing Ping Pong and face your friends or family.