Trikala is one of the most romantic destinations for a few days vacation, suitable for holidays with your family, friends or partner. Trikala, the capital of the Prefecture of Trikala, is located in Western Thessalia. The days in Trikala are just magical. The enchanting landscapes, the old town, the river Litheos, the bars, the taverns, the warm hospitality of the people, all of them will give you an unforgettable experiences.

Romantic walks on the river Litheos – Koursoum Mosque

A walk on the river Litheos will give you wonderful photos for your collection, ducks and swans will entertain young and old. The 36 km route with the ten bridges that connect its banks will fascinate you. You can enjoy picnic moments with your loved ones, having the blue sky and the green trees all around you. On the banks of the river Litheos you will find the Kursum Mosque, which was founded by Osman Shah in the 16th century. The word “kurusum” means lead, from its lead-covered canopy.

Don’t forget to visit the Byzantine Castle of Trikala

The castle was built by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century AD and is divided into three cornices and consists of five towers and small battlements. Before you reach the castle, you can see from afar, the trademark of the Castle, which is the Clock Tower. This tower was built in 1936 and reaches a height of 33 meters.

Wandering in the Old Town

The Old Town is divided into two districts, Varoussi and Manavika. Varousi stands out for its narrow alleys, the mansions, built in the 17th and 19th centuries and of course for its numerous Byzantine Churches, such as Agia Episkepsi, Agia Marina, Agios Dimitrios. On the other hand, Manavika is a district with stone as its main feature. The picturesque sidewalks, the stone houses, the bars, the taverns and the grocery stores, from which the district got its name, give a unique aura of warmth and coziness to the visitors. In Manavika, you will also find the famous three-dimensional mural, which depicts scenes from everyday life in the Old Town and Tsitsanis, who plays the bouzouki on his balcony. In fact, if you want to know about the life of Vassilis Tsitsanis, all you have to do is visiting the “Vassilis Tsitsanis” Museum, which is also located next to the river Litheos, while below it you will find the Ottoman Loutra.

If you love history, then you can take a tour at the following:

  • the Kliafa History and Culture Center
  • the Municipal Historical Sports Museum
  • the Military Museum
  • the Municipal Gallery
  • the Folklore Museum
  • Museum of Dimitris and Legos Katsikogiannis
  • Museum of Archaeological Collection of Trikki
  • Museum of the Holy Metropolis